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I'm the one who does stuff with things. I also manage most of the web server crap that most will never see.

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We're pretty laid back. Poison plays Age of Conan, I play BF2142 and I pwn3 (not really).

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Node57 is really just a place holder for several other web sites that PosisonFire and I own. Our Web Host, HostMonster, offered a large ammout of storage and transfer. We both like having a web site an could not, at the time, refuse 600GB of storage and 6TB of transfer and had to get it.

We seldom update this page. As it is, after all, a place holder for our other sites. If you'd like, you can check out our other domains (Not that we update them too)

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Ahh Battlefield 2142. It's actually a fun game when you dont have Fu<King A$$ Holes ceating. I'm often cheated out of several points because of a cheater. I can (or rather can't) thank more than a dozen web sites for that. But when I am in a server with no cheaters I'm not a bad player. I have video if you'd like to watch.

I decided to make a frag video of me in the Rorsch. It's like a rail gun that's ment to take out tanks and other heavily armored vehicles, but when I take a seat in it, it's the most powerful bitch stick! In 2142, if you shoot a soldier with a gun, a medic can revive him, but with the Rorsch Mk-S8.. it's a flat out, un-healable kill. And the best part is that it's insanely accurate to about 300-400 meters, any further and you're aiming at a single pixel on your screen. 1:30 shot kill. Some of the kills I made in the video you can hardly see!

If you've ever seen that carzy guy on Youtube playing CS:S, or is it just CS I can't remember, this video is a new meaning to BOOM HEAD-SOHT! I've been called a cheater/hacker because when I do go on my Rorsch Rampages, I'll end up taking out 3 or 4 guys trying to kill me. They end up blowing the Rorsch up. I usually don't survive it but hey, if I get a 5 or even 10 kill streak, I'm happy.

Kinda wish I had the Rorsch in Metal Gear when fighting Rex and Ray. Actually MGS for PS1 was easy. But playing extreme on MGS2, fighting 3 Rays at a time... yeah, then I'd like to have it.