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Lemon Party... err LAN!!

What You Need.

Before the Lan Parties we ask that you have your machine ready, clean, up-to-date and virus free (no whores allowed). We ask that you have some kind of anti-virus such as Free AVG/ It's basic protection but it's better then nothing!

We do NOT like to play IT. If you have a problem please let us know first. We cannot enjoy the fruits of the lan if you keep bugging us with petty problems.


If You Care For A Snack...

We often buy food in the form of Pizza. Seems to be a winner every time. The liquid is ususally a little Dew with the Good Doctor, who sometimes suggest a dose of Pepsi. It's around $60-80 for food and drink so we ask that you pitch in what you can. Since most of us drive, this is the only we frown upon alcohol, however tabaco products are acceptable to some degree. Please take your smoking habbits out side.


Game Pwanage! Become a PP!!

Ahh games, what fun! I think this is why we have a party with no beer... Any who, have a nice selection of games that we like to play:

  • Counter Strike
  • Star Craft
  • Natural Selection
  • Age of Empires 2; The Conquerors Expansion (Not that people play it too often)
  • Battlefield 2142 (Ususally the Demo...)

If there are any other games that you play, let people know. Tell us of any demos so that we can all try it next party!

For those who're not sure what a PP is, it's not just a wiener. It stands for Party Pwner. Here's what happens. At the end of every game, we record scores and count how many games we play. Then we average out the over all score. After we have the base score we factor in the total number of pizza slices and multiply that by the square root of soda cans cubed.... not really but maybe.